A new blog for a new year

I was always one of those people that got a charge out of a new notebook and pen at the beginning of the school year – fresh blank pages ready to be filled up with stories. Yes I was the kid who was in the back of the room writing stories instead of listening to my teacher…. and when I’d switch to a new story I’d tear all the pages out and start fresh but it was even better when I could convince mom I needed a new notebook completely. Yes I was sure that by the age of 30 I would be a published author – writing amazing romance novels and living in a fantastic apartment in NYC. Isn’t it funny how our road veers off course and changes our dreams completely?

So the reason I’m rambling about notebooks is because this is my new blog. My old blog is at Xanga and I won’t be updating there anymore except to post that I’ve updated here. I can’t cut the ties completely – I have some very good friends there. But I also have some unresolved issues with another friend there and I just feel like it’s time for a fresh start. I’ll still be by to comment and visit my friends – hopefully some of you will stop by here and check in with me too. It will also make my life a little easier since Davey’s blog is here too davidrolandsworld.blogspot.com

So for all of you meeting me for the first time – let me tell you a little about me. I am a 35 year old mommy of one. My husband and I were married five years ago and tried for three years to have a baby. After three years of heartbreak God blessed us on our first round of IVF. Now we are parents to a very active one year old named David Roland – named for both his grandpa’s. Besides being a mommy and a wife I am also a fourth grade teacher. I love teaching fourth grade but I hate all the bureaucracy and blame that now comes with the job. I often wish I was a SAHM and am hoping that by the time my son is ready for school I can be a SAHM and home school him. My husband and I are hoping to have at least one more child – what that means is we aren’t doing anything to prevent a baby right now and we’re praying that God will guide us in the direction we’re meant to go. We can’t afford IVF again – not with the risk that it won’t work. We’re seriously considering and looking into adoption – but there are some family conversations that would have to take place with my in laws first.

We live in a small town in Indiana. So life is at times pretty slow. But it’s a good life.


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