Lazy Saturday

So far this has been a lazy Saturday for mommy and Davey. Poor daddy had to go to work today. David slept until 9 this morning – and I have to confess – I went back to work after getting Steve out the door for work at 5am. We were supposed to go to Walmart and pick up a few things before daddy comes home… but being that it’s 1 and little man is still napping and hasn’t had lunch yet – well it’s not looking promising. Guess we’ll have to go when Steve gets home.

The plan for the evening is to go to the RV and Camping Show in the city. No – we’re not in the market for a camper – although my hubby would like to be. It’s just an excuse to get out and do something – cheap. Of course we’ll probably end up eating dinner out – but we still have two gift cards from Christmas – so we may be able to keep it cheap.

I’ve managed to work my way through all of the adult laundry in our house and started the little man’s. I don’t miss washing cloth diapers – but I wish we were still able to use them. (We can’t b/c of the sitter) I’ve also messed with my new Cricut and made a card for our niece Mary. (Poor thing has Hand, foot, and mouth disease and she’s only 16 mos) I also cut out letters for work – our building is being observed Tuesday b/c we’re hosting a national conference in April. I hate getting observed – esp by the lady that’s coming. Last time she had nothing nice to say and half of it didn’t make sense. She was in my room for 20 min and felt that was enough time to make SEVERAL judgements about things she didn’t see. I’m sure no matter what I do on Tuesday it will be just as bad. Maybe I should just be sick.

I think I hear my monkey stirring so I better go get his lunch ready. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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