Ramblings on a Sunday

My sister is joining a new church…. a new faith completely. I didn’t give it much thought until today during the sermon. Our pastor Mike said somethings that made me think and made me concerned b/c I’m not 100% sure that Carrie knows what she is getting into. She’s doing this for her hubby though so I’m not sure there’s anything I can say that will make a difference.

Besides my stewing and worrying about her it’s been a pretty good day. Today was communion Sunday and our monthly carry in at church. It was good to visit with people afterwards. Then we all went to Aldi’s for groceries – should be good for a month now – except for things like milk. When we got home I worked on work stuff for a while and cleaned house b/c we had small group tonight.

Small group was good tonight too. Everyone was here and it was great to visit and discuss the chapter. (We’re on chapter 6 of “Grace Based Parenting”. Things felt more comfortable and relaxed. Maybe we’re finally getting comfy with each other – getting past that new group feeling. David had a terrific time following Coby around. Coby is 4 but he was trying to play with little man. Now I’m off to finish watching the Grammy’s with hubby. Such an exciting life I lead. (Not!)


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