4 in a row!

Apparently moving over here has reignited my blog love – I can’t remember when the last time was I posted four days in a row – I just know it was pre – Davey.

Today started out pretty good. Normal anyways. After dropping David off to the sitter I was saying a prayer on my way to work…. sometimes that’s the only quiet time to pray. I was praying about guidance as we travel the ttc road again and try to make decisions about adoption and meds, as I turned up the lane to our school (it sits behind a farmer’s field) two does came running across the lane – beautiful and as I paused to let them get across I noticed the song playing on the radio Mandisa – He is with You. The lyrics just hit home – kind of like a sign to remember that God is in control. One of the things I struggle with the most is letting him be in charge. I’m going to post the lyrics somewhere as a reminder…………

Of course Monday went down hill after that – I couldn’t find some papers I need to turn in to prove I’m doing my job since other people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. But papers have been found…. thankfully! and now I’m home with my loves. I’ll spend the evening crocheting or grading papers while hubby watches Monday Night Raw (seriously – this is a soap opera for men!) after David is tucked in for the night.

Tomorrow I get observed – I HATE being observed especially by people that can’t find anything good to say… but I’ll get through it. I actually told my kids what she said about them not knowing procedures (aka not behaving) last time she observed. They’re pretty fired up so MAYBE they’ll be good. My fingers are crossed anyways. On the bright side one day down and only four more to go until another weekend.


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