We’ve Got a Floater

Last night was bath night in our household. (Okay actually lately every night has been bath night since David has decided to feed himself his dinner!) Anyways as usual I got the bath water ready – bubbles, toys, check. Once I managed to corral my little guy I got him in the tub and as usual scrubbed him up first. (I’ve learned that since my son thinks he is part monkey and that it is great fun to climb out of the tub and streak through the house stark naked that it’s best to scrub first.) Last night once again proved we had the right idea. A scrubbed clean Davey was busily playing with his ducks and cars and dangerously toddling around the tub. (He thinks he’s a stuntman) when all of a sudden he squatted down and grunted. Yep – we had three little floaters. I yelled for Steve to come help so I could clean the tub and get David dry and dressed. Given the opportunity I knew he would make a run for it and then we would have to chase a wet – possibly cat hair covered boy through the house. Of course Davey objected pretty strenuously to bath time being cut short – but what are you going to do?

Speaking of poop – you all read me complaining about how much I hate to be observed by other adults when teaching. But I mustered through Tuesday’s observation. I was determined that my observer would have nothing too bad to say (this time.) Well I jinxed myself. Unfortunately I did such a good job that I’ve been “invited” to teach a demonstration lesson during a nat’l conference our school corp is hosting in April. I say “invited” but it’s pretty much understood that by invited they mean “you will do this or you will screw yourself when it comes to your job and getting asked to do anything else ever again. So I will face my fear head on. My principal informed me today that there would probably “only be about 15 people or a few more” in to observe me for that hour lesson. Maybe I’ll get mono that week.

In other news I spent the day at the Textbook Caravan. A textbook caravan is like I imagine sitting through one of those timeshare programs would be. All of the textbook companies bring samples of their materials and spend 30 – 40 minutes trying to convince you that their math book will make your kids pass the state tests. (hmmmm not to be pessimistic but I suspect that there is no textbook series that would help some of my kids pass that test) Anyways I get to compile all that lovely information and take it back to all the other teachers and present it to them. (yep it’s a week for facing down that fear of speaking in front of adults I guess) Of course to top it all off I will spend tomorrow trying to clean up whatever mess the sub left for me in my room.

Seriously can’t win for losing this week. Well American Idol is on tonight and I have to convince my little monkey that he wants to put on his jammies. (We’re moving bedtime up since he has been fighting me when it’s time to get up in the morning. )


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