Snow Day Surprise

This morning I received an unexpected surprise – a snow day. Even as an adult, the joy of a snow day isn’t diminished….. in fact that is one of the bonuses of being a teacher. A snow day means a whole extra day for me – a day to catch up on things around the house, to snuggle down with a good book, and to play with my little man. Yep – I’ll have to make this day up at the end of the year – but I’ll think about that later. Today I’m going to enjoy.

I have a list of things I was hoping to get done during this week – so I think I’ll work on that. I’m going to make Valentine’s cards for the grandparents and great grandma from Davey. I’ve got a Valentine cartridge for my Cricut I’m looking forward to playing with. I was also planning on making some Valentine sugar cookies and icing them to take to people at work and neighbors. Next week is Random Acts of Kindness week and I thought cookies were a terrific place to start. Although I think we should be doing random acts of kindness throughout the year and not just on a specific week. ( “Pay it Forward” good movie – TERRIFIC book) Of course I’m sure I’ve got papers to grade and things to put in the computer for work…. but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to savor a day of freedom with my Little Man. These days don’t come around often enough!


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