Snow Day #2

Another snow day today – hooray!! Yesterday’s snow day was interrupted by an impromptu trip to the doctor. I called to talk to them about David’s cough – and the nurse said the doctor wanted to see him since it was in his chest and the weather was getting bad. So off we went. An hour later we returned home with a prescription for zithromax. Now if I could just get him to swallow it. I swear giving my little man medicine is worse than trying to give a cat medicine. His daddy holds him – pins arms down and I squirt it into his mouth. Then it is promptly spit back at us. If it’s this hard at one – what does the future hold?!

Last night’s dinner conversation with hubby was very interesting. We would really like more children – but the odds of us just having more seem slim. So we have discussed adoption repetitively and last night Steve asked me about trying another round of IVF. When we had David we were really lucky b/c we were accepted into a program called the Shared Risk Program. The way that program worked was we paid more than what one round of IVF would cost, but for that amount we had 3 tries with fresh embryos and 3 with frozen (assuming we had any to freeze) . Then if it didn’t work or at any time we wanted out we would be refunded 70% of our money. Luckily and amazingly after three failed IUI’s the first round of IVF worked. Unfortunately we didn’t have any embryos to freeze. So here we are wanting another go – but the catch with that program was you had to be able to get in all three attempts before the woman turned 35. Guess how old I turned on my b-day this year…. that’s right 35. So here we are again – praying for guidance as we consider our options. We really felt like God guided us and was in charge when we did the IVF – but it took me two and a half years before I hit the bottom – the point where I could say “Okay God I’m giving this all to you – I’m broken and I’m not sure where you want us to go.” Once again I find myself struggling with my control issues as I try to pray for God to take us and lead us where ever we are meant to go – even if it’s not where I want us to be. When what I want to do is say “Here’s what we want – now give it to us”

So back to snow day number two…. I’ve been watching HGTV which always leads to dangerous territory for me. So far I have rearranged the living room furniture, and several small things around the house, I’ve also done some more cleaning, made Valentine’s, and learned that you can use car wax to shine your kitchen cabinets. (Unfortunately we don’t have any – and I’m not venturing out into the great white.) Little man is currently napping – but I’m thinking maybe I should be getting ready to wake him up for lunch – plus then we can play and I will be distracted from HGTV land.


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