Our Weekend

Tonight is our monthly date night. We started going out – just Steve and I back in July. We have a terrific high school girl at our church that loves Davey and enjoys our once a month foray – we’re truly blessed there. But those first few nights we’re pretty hard on mommy. I spent a good portion of dinner thinking we’d better hurry up and get home – little man might be missing us. Now – I enjoy them – okay yes it’s still hard to get me out the door as I try to remember everything to tell our sitter, but once I’m out the door I’m glad to be alone with my honey. I think we treasure these dates more now than we ever did before David and I think we’ve grown closer and appreciate each other more because of them.

So tonight we venture out for February. We decided not to do Valentine’s Day gifts, to instead spend the money on dinner, a movie, and of course our sitter. We’re going to a local restaraunt that has delicious food and wine and then we are going to go see “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief” (I’m reading the book to my class right now – so I’m pretty excited about it.) I’m really looking forward to getting all dolled up and going out .

David has learned a new trick this week. He’s figured out how to work the paper shredder. On Thursday he managed to get his Valentine card from my mom into the shredder and get the shredder turned on. (He’s such a smart little monkey!) Luckily the shredder has a guard that won’t let him get his fingers in it and he grabbed the valentine and not our W2s which were on the same pile! So now the shredder is unplugged and in the closet – which means our pile of stuff to shred will grow quite a bit before we actually do anything with it – but our important papers are safe- at least from the shredder. Who knows what he’ll figure out next!

How do you keep the romance fresh in your marriage?

Happy Valentine’s Day !


One thought on “Our Weekend

  1. We haven't been on a date since New Year's Eve. We're going out at the end of the month . . . have found it more difficult as we've had more kids and they've gotten older. Their activities have taken over it some ways. Thanks for the reminder to tend to romance. 🙂

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