Budgeting Trials

Last night like I had planned I sat down to work on a budget for us. It was going really well, so I decided to set it aside for a bit and venture to the kitchen to make some smoothies for hubby and I. No problem right? So I whipped up some smoothies with frozen fruit and yogurt and then went to clean my blender – and problem. The hot water wouldn’t run at all – as in you turn on the faucet and nothing came out. So our first test of the new – not even used yet budget. We expected the worst, b/c that’s how it always seems to go when we try to save money or come up with a plan to save money – stumbling blocks blindside us out of nowhere. We were sure that we were going to have to replace the hot water heater. (The water in our town is terrible – full of lime and other gunk) So I returned to my budget and made up my mind that I wasn’t going to let this stumbling block become a wall – I wasn’t going to give up like we usually do. I finished our budget plan last night with the thought that it was all going to be for naught because the heating and cooling guy was going to come tomorrow and give us bad news. I know it’s silly and selfish, but as we went to bed last night and I had my prayer time with God I asked him to please not let the water thing be MAJOR.

Luckily today was a scheduled day off for me – so I was able to be home to greet the h&c guy. First good sign this morning was that by 9 the hot water was again running as if there hadn’t been a problem. Second good sign was that the h&c guy showed up by 10. He went to the basement looked around and delivered his verdict – which was that our pipes had merely frozen last night. The water heater was fine. Then he started to explain how he could try to prevent that from happening again by running another duct from our furnace under our always cold kitchen floor (our kitchen was added on to our hundred year old house in the 80s by the previous owners and we’ve had lots of issues with it – heat being one) I listened to his explanation with great trepidation and immediately said I’d have to talk to Steve first and then I’d let him know. From the explanation it sounded like a pricey fix and I wasn’t sure how I was going to work that into the budget – but I thought I’d better prepare myself and Steve and asked for an estimate. The h&c guy thought for a few moments and then said “Well I’ve got the supplies and it won’t take me long to do so – $80 should cover it. ” What – $80! Not the hundreds that I expected….. I then revised my previous answer and said I was sure hubby would be okay with the fix – esp since it might make our kitchen warmer in the process. About 45 min. later he was done and I was $80 poorer – which in the scheme of things wasn’t bad at all. The budget survived – and I know God was in control of that.

In other positive news – my despised enemy the monstrosity that is my hubby’s beloved entertainment center from 1995 – the one that takes up half our tiny living room is on the way out the door in the near future. This has been a long standing debate between hubby and I – see it’s solid oak and he paid quite a bit for it 15 years ago – but it doesn’t fit our house and it also resembles something from the 80s with it’s smoked glass doors and giant size. I had given up my feud with it though b/c hubby was so attached. On Saturday during a discussion about furniture placement – hubby suggested that maybe it was time to get something smaller to take it’s place. So in the very near future -we will be venturing to Oak Express for a much smaller simpler piece of furniture. Hubby insists it has to be solid wood – not mdf. I ventured online last night to price them – and good news – they’re only about $50- 75 more at Oak Express for solid wood – than the Walmart MDF ones. I’m deliriously happy to see my arch enemy packing it’s bags at my hubby’s suggestion. (I really thought the only way I was ever going to get rid of that thing was if I had an accident with a chainsaw while hubby was asleep or at work.)


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