Deep Thoughts

Today David and I drove down to Muncie to meet my mom for lunch and a Valentine’s Day visit. The drive down – which is about an hour gave me plenty of time to think about a lot of different things. Although most of them seemed to focus on Monday. Probably because our sermon series at church right now is on stewardship…. so when I came home I shared my deep thoughts with my husband – who as is his habit said, “Whatever you want to do is okay with me” I love how easygoing he is – but sometimes it irritates me to no end. Anyways our project for the evening is going to be to come up with a monthly budget. Then I am going to go through my calendar and mark what we pay when. (I do a lot better at keeping things in order when they are written down.) I know what a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day – but hey we celebrated yesterday evening.

My other deep thought about our budget is I think we should try doing all this with only Steve’s check. My goal is to be able to homeschool David and any future children – so this would be a good test for us. Also we can take the money from my checks and tuck it away for adoption – as we seem to be drawn to that path. Our other goal is to give more to church and our community – which we could do if we were smarter with our money.

Right now I’m going to go watch Extreme Home Makeover with my hubby and work on that budget. I’m struggling the most with groceries – I don’t know how much to budget monthly for a family of three for groceries and diapers. I haven’t really kept very good track of what we spend on groceries a month or even a week. I shop with coupons and we go to Aldi’s for a lot, plus we get most of our meet through Angel Food Ministries which runs us about $40 a month – so I guess I just need to guesstimate an amount. Any advice?


One thought on “Deep Thoughts

  1. Writing down your budget is extremely helpful. I've been doing that for years — and writing down when bills are due too. No surprises that way. We also took God's invitation to test Him in tithing (see Micah), and He has always provided for us. I will say groceries is the hardest area for me b/c healthy food costs more than the boxed stuff. I've just tried to strike a balance here. And Baby Girl gets diaper rash unless she wears Pampers, so I look for coupons.

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