Adventures on a Saturday

I managed to survive another week – hooray! Our budget also managed to survive the week. It’s certainly a lot easier to stick to a budget when I have the hopes of it working and me being able to stay at home with my little man in a year. When I find myself eyeing a new sweater or dreaming about ordering pizza , I just ask myself, “Is it worth giving up days at home with my little man for?” Of course the answer is “No” It was also a fantastic feeling to open my calendar yesterday, pay the bills listed for that day, and mark them off in the book. (It was an even better feeling when I realized I didn’t have to pay the gas bill b/c I had paid it earlier in the month.)

Today should be a good day. We’re off for breakfast at a little diner here in town. The three of us can eat breakfast there for under $10. Cheap and delish. Then we’re going to check the used furniture stores in town and see if we can find an entertainment console we like. My fingers are crossed b/c if we find one in town we won’t have to pay delivery charges and they’ll take the old beast away when they bring the new one. Also it will be used which means cheaper. If we don’t have luck in town then we’re off to the city this afternoon. We’re going to try Oak Express and Ashley Furniture. They’ve got some deals going on right now. Plus it gives us an excuse to use the gift card to Olive Garden my little brother got us for Christmas. Yumm-o!

Well my Little Man is stirring so I’d better get him up and dressed. Hope you all have a terrific weekend!


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