Never in a Million Years

You know how when you start dreaming of becoming a mommy you begin to look at all those other mommies out there and saying “Well when I have kids I’ll never do…. ” or “When I have kids I’ll always….” I had a list of several of things that in my mind I was NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS going to do to my child. Well – times change and the reality of having a toddler begins to sink in. Yesterday we ventured out in search of an entertainment center. If any of you have ever taken a toddler to a furniture store – I’m sure you can see where this is going. I always swore I was not going to buy or use one of those leashes for my kids. (Okay I think the proper term is a harness – but let’s face it no matter how cute the little stuffed backpack is it’s a child leash!) Hubby had without my prior approval ventured to Walmart and bought a leash, and let me say after 15 minutes of trying to hang on to “Mr. I can turn my body into Jello and make your life very difficult mommy” I suddenly became willing to give the leash a shot. SO…. we strapped in my little man and everyone was suddenly much happier. Little Man could move around mommy in a circle and mommy wasn’t fighting an unwinnable fight to hold on to j-e-l-l-o.
Of course I am sure that all those other parents in the furniture store – the ones with well behaved sleeping infants and the toddlers who were holding on to mommy or daddy’s hand were looking at us and judging us to be the worst parents in the world – I mean we had a LEASH on our child! But I have to admit hubby was right and I was wrong – it was a necessity to keep everyone happy yesterday.

We did find an entertainment center. Hopefully, it comes in next week. Hubby is going to drive up and pick it up in the back of his car – so we won’t have to pay shipping. Yaaaay!! We also all enjoyed Olive Garden. Turns out Little Man is Italian at heart. Wish I had had the camera so I could have taken pics of him putting away salad, breadsticks, and spaghetti.


2 thoughts on “Never in a Million Years

  1. I hear ya! A leash is one of those things we still haven't tried out, but there have been several other things I said I would never do. You just don't know until you're faced with what you have . . .

  2. Oh yeah. I've been there. I always looked at parents with kids on leashes and thought "What the hell is wrong with you? Its a child, not a dog!"…I'm seriously considering getting one. Olivia is aweful to be in a store with anymore. She wants nothing to do with a cart, all she wants is to be free and walking around. At least with that harness you can let them go and not worry about losing them.

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