Little Man’s First Concert

Thursday night we took David to his first concert. We went to see Martina McBride and Trace Adkins. (I am a HUGE Martina McBride fan) We debated over and over whether to take him or leave him with a sitter and we finally decided to go for it. He loves music so much and we knew that we could take him and not have to pay for a seat. But once he turns two you have to buy a ticket for him too. So we went prepared – we had earplugs, jammies, and a bedtime bottle. We ended up using the ear plugs – Trace was pretty loud and the girl across the aisle from us was a screamer. I wish we had thought to take our camera in. Our little man looked pretty adorable in his jammies, with a sock monkey cap tied on his head (to keep the earplugs in), shaking his groove thing to Trace. He only made it through about three Martina songs and then he cashed out. I’m thrilled we chose to take him though. It totally seemed appropriate – Martina’s music is what I listened to driving back and forth to our reproductive doctor for two years to get little man here.

In other news I bit the bullett and scheduled a consultation with Dr. B for June 7. We just want to talk to him about the cost of IVF and what our chances are for it working again.


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