Rough and Tumble Week

I know I haven’t been around much this week – it’s been a rough one. My class survived ISTEP – but I’m not sure they passed the math section. In fact I’m pretty sure they didn’t. This time was all multi – step story problems and being that they don’t read the entire problem….. well I know many of them missed LOTS of them. They will have a chance to redeem themself in April with the multiple choice math test. We’ll be drilling basic skills for the next month. I’m glad we’re done for now. I came home pooped every single night.

Then Wednesday night my throat started hurting and by Thursday morning I could hardly swallow water. Unfortunately, I had to go to work – I had to administer another section of ISTEP. So off to work I trudged. By the time the day was over my body ached everywhere. So I went to the sitter and picked up my little man and off to Redimed we went. After an hour and fifteen minute wait we were shown to the exam room. (Why is it I always get sick on the day the doctor’s office is closed?) The doctor came in after another 30 min. Checked me over for 5 and diagnosed me with strep. Hmmmm I was pretty sure that I had that anyways…. too bad I couldn’t just write myself a scrip for amoxicillan. It would have saved me two hours of my life. Friday was pretty rough. I still had to take my sick self to work during the morning to administer the last section of ISTEP. Then I came home at lunch time and slept for a couple of hours before retrieving little man from the sitter. Thankfully, the amoxicillan finally kicked in and I’m feeling much better now. On the bright side of it all since I couldn’t swallow, I was down three pounds this morning. Hopefully I can keep it up now that it’s getting nice enough to be outside.

We had a beautiful day to walk around the outdoor mall today. My mom came to stay the weekend and we took little man up to the city. I wanted to find some things for my favorite things blogswap. Now I can get that in the mail on Monday. I also found some clearance things at Old Navy for myself and Davey. Thankfully – I didn’t blow the budget!


2 thoughts on “Rough and Tumble Week

  1. For future reference, you can use GoldenSeal instead of going to the Dr. for a scrip. You take 2 pills 3x a day, and it does the same thing. (Granted it gives you yucky tasting burps! :} ) I went to the Dr. once for strep, but by now, I can self-diagnose (thanks to a home-town Dr. who helped D w/ it once–sore throat, fever, white ring around outside of mouth). We get it a little too often around here :/~~Erin~~

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