Glimpses of Spring

Yes – I think there may be hope that winter is drawing to a close. I know that sounds like I hate winter – I don’t. In fact about the middle of November I begin waiting anxiously for the first snow, looking forward to a winter wonderland. Winter is one of my favorite seasons, but about this time every year I begin to get antsy for spring. I find myself tired of being cooped up in the house, ready to walk outside, fire up the grill, and plant my gardens. The past several days have been glimpses of what we have to look forward to – sun and sweater weather. The past two days I’ve loaded little man onto his new tricycle – the kind with a handle so I can push him and a seat belt so he can’t do any of his amazing stunts- and we’ve gone for walks. He is clearly an outdoor creature. He stands at the door and gazes out the window longingly until someone caves to his sweet little look and takes him out. Once he’s out he’s smiles and laughter and ceaseless chattering. I’m sure he’s exclaiming over everything he sees – I just wish I could understand more of what he’s saying. I imagine that if I could it would make me appreciate the mud, and the dirt, and the thieving squirrels more. Stand back when you have to take him inside though – that’s when the little man turns into a wee beastie. He screams, thrashes, and cries. The giant tears break my heart and I promise hurriedly that tomorrow we’ll go out and stay out longer. Last night I was only able to stop the tears with a bubble bath. The screaming mimis are totally worth the joy on his face when he’s basking in the world around him, though.

Today was an impromptu day off for me – kind of sort of. I was called for jury duty and today I did my civic duty and reported for jury selection. I have to confess to a secret longing to serve on the jury – after all I am a Law and Order junkie. I was pretty sure I was going to be released though. The case is a child molestation case and besides my strong feelings about the monsters that would do something so evil and my bias towards believing the child over the adult in a situation like this – the child is a student at my school and one of the witnesses who will testify is a teacher in my building. So I was sent away at lunch time. With a sort of sigh of relief.

I had plenty of time to run errands and the vacuum before heading off to pick up Little Man an hour early. (Can’t run the sweeper when he’s around. He thinks it’s great fun to chase the sweeper and try to climb on top of it – like some sort of beast he’s trying to conquer.!) Life is good and spring is just around the corner!


2 thoughts on “Glimpses of Spring

  1. Aww poor thing. I understand… I want it to be nice out, so I can go outside and play too:) Spring is coming. It's supposed to rain everyday this week. Hope it washes all the snow away.

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