Moving to Austraila

There is a children’s book called “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. In the book he has such an awful day everything goes wrong and he keeps saying maybe I’ll just move to Austraila. I used to read that book to my classes, back when I had time to actually teach…. so it seems extremely appropriate that when I am having a terrible day I should be dreaming of running away to Austraila. Well my Austraila anyway, which is located in my son’s playroom where I will be surrounded by his stuffed dogs and playing cars with my little lovey. Today was a day where I struggled to remember why I ever became a teacher. We had a parent situation from the day I had a sub and I honestly can’t rehash it all, but to sum it up one child went home and lied and the parent of course believed him ( She always believes him, she’ll still be believing him when he drives his first stolen car home and tells her he paid for it and the police show up at the door) She believed him in spite of the fact that three adults witnessed his behavior and scores of other fourth graders. So she came in this morning and screamed at the principal threatened to pull her child out of our school and send him to his home school and instead of responding how you would think a principal should respond with “Fine we understand your upset, but the teacher’s decision remains in place, if you don’t like it you are welcome to transfer your child back to their home school” The principal took the parent’s side and overruled the teacher. Apparently in fourth grade it is now appropriate to refuse to do your work, army crawl across the room, jump off your chair, and then run out of the room during class at least if your parent comes in and screams at the principal like a crazy woman. So the teacher’s punishment was overruled and now I’ve been told by my principal that maybe I could call the parent daily and tell her how her child has done that day. (Did I mention that that is how she always talks to the teachers in a crazy screaming manner when they try to tell her about something her criminal I mean son did?) Now I get to be screamed at daily – b/c that behavior is a daily occurence. (No he doesn’t have special needs) So I find myself once again promising self one more year and praying for God to help me make it through. My fear is that we will have to choose between me staying home or adopting/ ivf whichever path we feel God wants us to take. I know I just need to pray and let God lead us…. but man Austraila is looking good today. For now I’m going to go watch “The Backyardigans” with my sweet little man.


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