Garage Saling, Giving, and Other Deep Thoughts

Tomorrow is the first Garage Sale of the season. I’m so excited I could pee my pants. I live for garage sales. There’s just something about digging through other people’s junk and finding something you can’t live without. There’s that feeling that maybe if you dig a little deeper you’ll find the 50 cent item that will make you famous on Antiques Roadshow. Plus the feeling of pride I get from being so thrifty that little man mostly wears clothes from garage sales and he is still adorably outfitted. Of course garage sales also offer the opportunity for us to save the earth one item at a time. I mean if I buy that stack of old Better Homes and Garden magazines then they’re not rotting in a landfill and I can pass them on to another friend when I’m done or use them for school projects. I’m all about being green! I have high hopes for tomorrow’s sale. It’s not your typical sale, it’s more like a one day Once Upon a Child event. It’s a children’s sale being held at a church in Fort Wayne. It’s supposed to be HUGE. We’ll be heading up there at 7 am. The sale starts at 8 so I’ve been told we’ll probably have to wait in line. They let the first 200 in and then they let a few at a time. I’ve got a list of things Little Man needs. I pulled out his 18 month tub and his 24 month tub and went through them so I’d know what we have. I’m totally ready!

Speaking of Little Man he’s growing like a weed. Suddenly his 12 month pants are too short. I sent him to the sitter today in a pair of bibs that fit fine a week ago, but today resembled long capris. Poor little guy! Unfortunately, everything is too short, but too big around the waist still. I don’t know what we’re going to do!

As far as the giving in the title, we got an email that a family in the neighborhood of our church lost everything in a fire. They have found a house and gotten a few things from various agencies, but they’re pretty much outfitting this house from scratch. (I can’t even imagine!) They have an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. Well, I’ve been stockpiling things for our garage sale all year, so we’re taking a little bit of everything to church on Sunday. We’ve even got some toys for the 4 year old, I had bought some things on sale for Davey for Christmas and birthdays and etc… and well, he’s got plenty – so we’re taking them too. Steve about fell over when he saw the stack of things I had piled by the back door! If you could all say a prayer for this family I know they’d appreciate it, too.

No big plans for the weekend other than the garage sale. We’ve got to go to Aldi’s at some point and order Angel Food for this month, but other than that we’ll be home hanging out. We’ve got movies to watch tomorrow night and our small group is coming over for homemade pizza and games on Sunday night. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I’ll let you know what I find at the sale.


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