The Haul

Okay – so here’s the scoop on this morning’s garage sale. It was solely children’s things from baby to teen… but it wasn’t quite as nice as the one in northern Indiana. I don’t think they were as selective with the items as the one up there and the pricing was VERY inconsistent… but that’s the only complaints I have. We were able to get in with the first wave of people and we divided and conquered. I had two friends with me – one with an 18 month old daughter and one with a two year old daughter. So we split up to search through the kids clothes. But one of my friends found the potties and was able to nab one for me with a nice high lip, that converts to go on the big potty, and turns into a step stool…. now if only it would train him for me! I took all my garage sale dollars – I was up to about $80 and I found a 5 in the pocket of my jeans. (Happy surprise!) (When garage sale season starts getting close I start saving all my $1’s I have a big jar in the kitchen and we just throw them in there, then that’s the money I use when garage saling. ) I spent $50 and came away with 15 shirts, 8 bottoms, 14 pairs of pjs, 5 shorts outfits, a Backyardigans book, a potty seat, Baby Einstein flash cards, and a Little People bulldozer. I think I did darn good. I only bought clothes in 18mos and 24 mos. (Mostly 18 mos.) So I think we’ll be skipping the spring sale in northern Indiana. They have it again in the fall and we will most likely head up for that one – looking for winter things for next year.

As an added bonus to the feeling of satisfaction from all the bargains I got the joy of spending time with friends. It was lovely to be able to stand in line and just visit about girl stuff. It seems like that’s much harder to do when you become a mommy.

Daddy did a terrific job with little man for me this morning too. WHen I got home he was dressed and had been fed breakfast. They were playing cars. My little man loves his cars. He has turned our coffee table into a garage for all his trucks and tractors. So sweet to watch him crawl across the floor making vroom vroom sounds. He’s growing and changing so fast! I swear today he said his first sentence. Steve was on the computer and David walked over to him and said “I wan dow” (I want down) while he held out his arms. We’re working on up and down. He doesn’t get it yet so everything is down right now. Of course we couldn’t get him to say it again – stinker!

Now I’m off to clean house and check the cupboards. I’m making pizza tomorrow night for our parent’s small group. Better get busy!


One thought on “The Haul

  1. That is awesome! I can never find good things at those Baby/Children sales. We did a lot of Garage sales before Olivia was born to see if we could find stuff to use, but I dunno, maybe people just really sell junk here. I found a lot of clothes, but most were worn and stained. I'll tell ya what though, when I'm ready to sell Olivia's clothes, someone is going to hit the jackpot. šŸ™‚ She's got so many nice things, but she just grows too quickly. I need a vetern shopper like you to show me the good sales. šŸ™‚

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