I was reminded by a fellow blogger tonight to look for the divine in the everyday. I know way too often I get so busy trying to keep up with everything – work, home, etc – trying to be the perfect teacher and wife and mommy that I forget to slow down and just savor the daily moments. Tonight after being reminded to look for the blessings – I was granted a blessing moment. I was busily working away on lesson plans for tomorrow – trying to get everything ready to be observed when my independent little man came wondering over and held out his arms demanding to be at the computer with mommy. So mommy picked him up and continued working. He was being such a good little man on mommy’s lap (usually when we’re at the computer he’s pushing buttons and everything else!) As I wrapped up I moved over to youtube to look for some fraction videos and stopped to listen to some music with my little man – fraction videos forgotten. As I sat in the computer chair listening to Seeds Family Worship and savoring the cuddly feeling of my little man on my lap, it dawned on me that my big boy – who refuses to rock to sleep anymore, had fallen asleep right there on my lap. I sat and just savored the feeling and the moment for as long as I could. I know that someday, I will long for these moments. That moment is one of my many blessings today. Thank you for reminding me to look for and cherish the devine.


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