Spring is peeking around the corner

I broke out my capris today. It’s slightly chilly – the high is only supposed to be in the upper 40s but I’m declaring it spring. I’m too impatient to wait. I’m hoping that the rain stays away. Right now it’s overcast, but not raining. I’m really hoping I can take little man for a walk/ride on his trike again tonight. We did really good last week. We were able to get in a walk everyday except for Friday through Sunday. It was just too cold and rainy through the weekend. In spite of all my walking and salads for lunch, my weight stayed the same. Grrrr talk about frustrating. I know what it was too. We went to a bakery in a nearby small town and came home with all kinds of yummy things. Baked goods are my weakness. Most of them are gone now, so I have high hopes for this week. I tried to even plan my weekly menu with my weight loss in mind. (It’s harder to do with a hubby and a little guy… but fingers are crossed.) I’m really hoping and praying I can lose at least 20 pounds before our appt with Dr. B in June. Considering what I weigh now I don’t think that’s too far out of the realm of possibility. (Dr. B is our reproductive doctor) I know that now that the weather is starting to get better I get more exercise between going for walks with Little Man and working in the yard.

shortmamaswap Here’s another exciting reason to love spring. I love swaps and what a perfect way to combine two fantastic things. I promise to post pics of the great box I got in the last swap later this week.

Con’t on Tuesday – I’ll try to wrap this up this time. Today was another beautiful spring day. When Little Man and I got home we went to work on cleaning up the yard. Well mommy worked and Little Man ran all over the place. The backyard looks 100% better. My daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are poking through the ground – what a joy to find them under the dead leaves. The deck is clean and the dead has been cut out of the flowerbed and the garden. I need to work on my front flower beds now, but I’m not sure how I’m going to manage that with Little Man. He’s so fast! I’m sure he’d be out in the road or a block down the sidewalk before I knew it. I may have to wait until Saturday and try to do those beds when he’s down for a nap or get a sitter for an hour or two……

Look for a picture post tomorrow or Thursday if you are interested.


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