Weekend Plans and other News

Tonight is date night in our house. We try to go out once a month and have a babysitter stay with Wee man. We were going to skip this month because next weekend my little brother (he’s not so little now) is speaking at his Christian Campus House spring banquet and we were planning on going to that and leaving Wee man with a our pastor’s daughter at their house – but then Sunday our usual sitter cornered us and asked if we were going to need her this month. She’s trying to save money to go to the Ukraine with our church youth to teach VBS in June. So…… we asked her if she was available for tonight. Our big date night is going to consist of a trip to Menard’s to get the wall stuff we need to repair Wee Man’s bathroom and then dinner out. We’re also trying to figure if there’s anywhere else we need to go without Wee Man. I love him dearly, but shopping has become a lot more difficult now that he’s mobile and doesn’t like riding in carts. I know – I know dates used to be a lot more exciting then a trip to Menard’s but priorities change – plus I think getting to pick paint colors is pretty exciting.

Now as for my diaper conundrum – here’s what we’ve decided………………………….. insert drumroll here…………………. we are going back to using cloth on the weekends and will be using cloth through the summer. I organized everything I have and I think we’ll be good through the sumemr with just a couple new covers and some new all in ones. (The all in one’s we have are only good to 22 pounds) So then as I was searching the internet for deals I found a website for fuzzibunz seconds. http://www.fuzzibunzseconds.net/store/Default.asp I was able to get a 10 pack of the new style of fuzzibunz all in ones with liners in size medium that goes to 30 pounds for a little more than $100. Which is a terrific deal. On Amazon a 12 pack costs $199. If you know me well you know that seconds don’t bother me. I’m the queen of Goodwill and garage sales and all our fitted diapers ( we use those around the house b/c they’re a little more difficult) came from a website that has clearance sales on seconds. So yep – I love a good deal. Besides who cares if stitching is crooked on a diaper!

Other weekend plans include going to a spring craft sale with a friend tomorrow morning and hopefully getting the front yard cleaned up. I’m excited that our weather forecasters are no longer calling for snow here. They think it’s going to move farther north (sorry Michigan) and the temps should be in the 40s on Sunday – even if it is raining. Sunday night our small group is going to be coming over for homemade pizza and games – or maybe we’ll just watch the kiddos play. So part of my plans for tomorrow include getting the house cleaned up too.


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