Beautiful Saturday

Well the forecast for this weekend was gloomy and cold, but apparently the Heavens didn’t get the message, because it is absolutely beautiful out today. It’s one of those days that just makes you smile and lifts your spirits. Mandy and I ventured to a craft sale this morning with her little girl. I found some great goodies (spent more than I meant too – but not too much) I got a sweet little basket of flowers for the front door, a large carved bunny for the front porch, some sweet little felted Easter eggs for the coffee table, and a beautiful painting of a barn scene that reminds me of my grandma and grandpa’s house. It was a good trip. Then on the way home we stopped at a garage sale and I found half a dozen paperbacks by authors I enjoy.

When I got home I found that Steve and Wee Man had gone out – so I was able to work on my flower beds in the front yard. (I was worried about doing it while Wee Man was outside b/c we live so close to the road. ) I got them all cleared out – all the dead from last year cut back- and was thrilled to find all the green starting to come back.

I also managed to trim up our three trees. When I met my hubby he had no trees – but being a country girl at heart I couldn’t imagine living in a yard with no trees. So he bought a beautiful maple that has grown immense in 5 years and my dad brought up a crabapple and a redbud tree he had dug up out in the woods somewhere. They were pathetic little sticks when dad planted them – but in the five years they’ve filled out and I really enjoy their flowers in the spring. Trimming the trees was a bittersweet chore. My dad always took care of trimming off the unnecessary branches on the first warm day he and mom would come up to visit. I used to stand outside with him and ask him questions while he did it and watch, but I never really paid enough attention to which branches to trim and why. Now my dad is gone and I find myself trimming those trees and wishing I had listened better. It’s hard to believe in just a few weeks he will have been gone a year. I hope he knows how much we miss him and how much we love him. I know he has to be peering down from Heaven watching Wee Man and his cousin grow. I’m sure he’s grinning at what an outdoorsman Wee Man is. He’s got his grandpa’s love for being outside.

Well I better go work on the inside of the house while Wee Man sleeps. Tomorrow night we’re hosting game night for our small group.


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