Spring Projects and a prayer request

I found this information on someone else’s blog. I wondered why I didn’t see monarchs as often. It seemed like when I was growing up you saw them all the time.

In the 1980s, as many as 170,000 monarchs would descend each fall and spring upon Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, Calif., to spend the winter in a seaside eucalyptus grove.This year, however, just 3,800 monarchs showed up, a new low in what has been a steady and precipitous drop-off in population.Two of the biggest problem are deforestation in Mexico in their over-wintering areas and the loss of milkweed in the United States.

Monarchs only lay eggs on the milkweed plant. Since it is becoming scarcer in the United States there are fewer monarchs. So I’ve decided Davey and I will do our part this spring. I am going to plant some milkweed seeds in the back by our garage. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some beautiful butterflies and be a part of the butterfly life cycle. Milkweed is a perennial – so I won’t have to replant if it goes well and even if it doesn’t this year, maybe next year will be better. I’m also going to take some of the seeds in to school and let the kids plant them in the nature area. For anyone interested I found instructions, information, and milkweed seeds for sale here:


In other project news, I’m working on figuring out two projects for Wee Man. The first is making an easter basket out of a gallon milk jug. I remember my mom making them for my sister and I when we were little for the church egg hunt and the eggs stayed in it a lot better than a regular basket. Hopefully, we’ll get our milk jug empty by Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll post pics whenever I get it made.

My second project is going to be some flash cards using my Cricut and the animal kingdom cartridge. My friend bought him some flash cards for things that go and he loves them. He gets them out and looks at them and plays with them and I talk to him about the cards. That one is going to be a weekend project, b/c I can’t see it getting done during the week.

Tonight we’re going to go get his pic taken with his cousin Autumn. Can’t wait to see the cuteness there! We’ve got a friend from church who takes fantastic pictures and just charges the cost of getting them developed. We’re going to put them in their Easter outfits. Hopefully they cooperate!

Finally I have a dear friend – one of my best friends whose husband just had a large lump removed from the back of his leg. It was a high grade sarcoma mass. They are pretty sure they will have to do radiation treatment but not sure about chemo yet. If you could all keep her family in your prayers – they have two little ones- I know they would appreciate it. Thanks!


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