Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Here are the Easter pictures our amazingly talented friend took on Monday. She only has these 5 edited so far and I’ll be honest I can’t wait to see the rest. Wee Man was EVERYWHERE!! So I am extremely impressed she was able to get such good shots. She’s not set up for business yet, she’s just taking pics of family and friends for practice right now and to build up a portfolio so the only thing she charges is to get the pics developed and she only charges what it costs her – so we’re talking SUPER DUPER CHEAP. I think hubby and I will have to go buy something special for her family to say thank you. Maybe a gift card for dinner. The little girl in the pictures is my best friend’s daughter. My best friend who is also married to my hubby’s cousin thanks to hubby and I setting them up on a blind date. So Wee Man and her are second cousins – but we call each other aunt and uncle. I just don’t like when I hear kids calling adults by their first names. Maybe I’m strange that way. Okay on to the pictures – no more rambling from me!


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