Well I’m pretty sure Wee Man is finally getting another tooth. (He’s 14 months – soon to be 15 and he has only four teeth) He’s been drooling and chewing on everything – I was figuring he’s either trying to be a puppy (hmmmm possible – being that he’s in love with dogs) or definitely getting another tooth. Well the slight fever, diaper rash, and cranky new ‘tude just about clenched it. Then I was finally able to sneak a finger into his mouth and discovered a lump in the back on the bottom right. There’s something growing there! Hooray! Hopefully it works it’s way through quickly – one drooling chewing beast in our home is more than enough. ( No I’m not talking about hubby! I mean our beastie dog.)

Of course when it rains it poors – so not only is wee man teething he’s fighting a spring cold. Right now I think the cold seems to be winning! I am just hoping that it remains a drippy droppy cold and turns into nothing worse. His best friend, the babysitter’s little girl has pneumonia. (Poor sweetie! She’s only a month older than wee man) He seems to do pretty good until bed time approaches and then Crankenstien comes out to whine – I mean play. There is an unexpected bonus to teething and colds…. he wants to cuddle and love with mommy. So I’m stocking up on the cuddle moments because I know all too soon we’ll be back to Wee Man running away and saying his second favorite word – “DOW!” (down)

Gotta go – I’ve got a bowl of frozen yogurt and American Idol calling my name. Thank you all for the prayers for my friend. I’ll keep you posted!


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