Darth Vader Has Come to Visit

Thursday morning I went in to get my son up at 7 am like usual and discovered that sometime during the night Darth Vader had snuck into his bedroom. He was very congested and raspy. Of course Thursday happens to be the day the doctor’s office is closed. (Why else would Darth arrive on a Thursday!) We had been attributing the runny nose and cranky nature to the molar that is trying to force it’s way through. But Thursday proved we were wrong. Wee Man had no temperature and after he had been up for awhile his breathing sounded MUCH better. So being the four star mommy I am I decided to stick it out until today when the doctor was back in. (We have a RediMed in our town – but it’s absolutely terrible usually) We made it through most of the day with only some deep coughing. So last night we tucked him in at 8 like usual and he woke us up screaming at 11:30. Darth had returned with a vengeance. Mommy crawled out of bed and brought Darth/ Wee Man down to rock – dosed him with Motrin for the fever that had developed and spent the rest of the night in the rocker and on the floor in a nest of blankets with him. He never did fall back to sleep soundly. He took little cat naps in 20 min bursts and then would wake up coughing or fussing. Poor little guy – such a terrible mommy. I got a sub for today and called the doctor’s office at 8:30 as soon as they opened. Of course they can’t see him until 3:20. (Are you serious?! When I called he still had a fever and sounded like Darth when breathing.) He did finally take a 2 hour nap at 9:30 and is back to acting a little more normal – fever is down but cough is still present. Now we’re just biding our time until the doctor can see us. I’ve got a bad feeling about it all though. One of the other parents called me about half an hour ago to tell me his son has pneumonia… which is what the babysitter’s daughter was so sick with over the weekend. (Her doctor cleared her mom to watch kids again on Tuesday though – said she wasn’t still contagious and they had all already been exposed ) I just hope the doctor has some magical cure for my little Darth Vader. It breaks my heart when he’s sick. Poor Wee Man.


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