The Verdict is in…………

Darth Vader – sorry Wee Man has bronchitis. We left the doctor with antibiotic, steroids, and cough medicine. We’re not supposed to use the steroids unless he’s not sounding a lot better by Monday. He was fever free at the doctor’s office and acting a lot better.

We’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings to figure out our plans. The town egg hunt is tomorrow and we had planned on taking him…. but we’ll see how he’s feeling. The doctor did say as long as he is fever free he’s not contagious… so we wouldn’t be spreading anything. Tomorrow night is my little brother’s senior college banquet for Christian Campus House. Ryan is speaking at the service. We’re supposed to leave wee man with Lexi – our pastor’s daughter – at their house. I think we probably will go ahead and do that if he’s doing better. I’m pretty torn though. I hate not being with him when he’s sick… but I know my brother is really counting on us being there since dad is gone.

At some point this weekend I also have to make it to Aldi’s and pick up some basic groceries. We’ll get it figured out somehow.


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