My Little Brother

Tonight I really realized what an amzing man my little brother has become. Oh he’s always going to be my baby brother – he’s 13 years younger for crying out loud! But he’s grown into quite a man. Tonight was the Christian Campus House banquet at his college. This was his senior year so he had been chosen to testify about his relationship with Christ and with Christian Campus House. He gave a wonderful testament to the family he found at school and the relationship that family brought him with God. He moved me to tears when he talked about our dad’s death last spring and how lost he was – feeling like God had deserted him because he couldn’t hear him and he couldn’t see him… and then he realized that God was all around him in the love the kids and staff at school were pouring out for him and our family. I am so proud of him. A lot of kids go to college and begin to question their religion or push it to the back of all the parties and friends, but my baby brother went to college and found a closer relationship with God through his friends and the activities they do together. He has a deep abiding faith and the heart of a servant – constantly looking for what needs to be done and doing it. (Just like our dad) I wish dad could have been there tonight, he would have been so proud – just like the rest of us were. I hope that the faith Ryan has is the faith that David someday has.

One thought on “My Little Brother

  1. Tried to leave a comment — and had trouble with my computer (oops!). I just wanted to say I'm so glad to hear that about your brother. I've worried about him, simply because I think it's tough for a guy to lose his dad — especially at a time in his life when he's still "becoming." I'm so glad to hear he's turned a corner in his grief and in his relationship with God. Your dad would be so proud!!

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