Close to Home

I try to read some sort of devotion daily. (Although I confess there are days that I just don’t do it.) I’m working through a pretty easy book right now called “Hold You, Mommy” . The devotions are primarily about being a mother and for the most part all been something I can relate to. Today’s was different however. Today’s devotional was about marriage and the past. This devotion and one sentence imparticular really hit too close to home and made me say “Ouch” The sentece said “Don’t let the blessings of the past be stumbling blocks for today.” The author was talking about her marriage and how she has been guilty at times of comparing her husband to her earthly father and finding him coming up lacking. It was a reminder to enjoy your memories of your childhood, but to not let them become so golden that you don’t see the blessings in your life today.

I have a confession – at times I am guilty of this. There are days when I find myself frustrated with our differences and irritated by everything my husband does or doesn’t do. I find myself thinking well my mom and dad did it this way or why doesn’t hubby do it this way because this is how my dad would have done it. Fortunately those days are few and far between, I suspect that we all have them – or at least I hope I’m not the only one. Today I was reminded to stop and look at all the wonderful qualities I love about my hubby and not look for the negative. So here’s my list

1. He would do anything to help anyone – neighbor, friend, stranger.
2. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and loved ones
3. He makes me laugh – even when I’m in a black mood
4. He doesn’t care about money or things – he is more interested in people and spending time with his family
5. He has an incredibly huge loving heart
6. He treats me like a princess – even when I’m wearing sweatpants and have dirty hair
7. He is a peacemaker – he doesn’t like to fight
8. He lets me adopt stray animals and bring them into our home
9. He is an amazing dad
10. He loves me even when I’m an idiot
11. The way he cuddles with me
12. He holds my hand
13. He cries with me when my heart is breaking and simply holds me
14. His smile makes me smile
15. He never stays mad
16. He brings me flowers for no reason at all sometimes
17. He makes me feel beautiful and cherished – even when I’m being absolutely grumbly

I’m sure I’ll be back to add more later, especially now that I’ve had a kick in the seat of the pants – a reminder not to take my wonderful man for granted.


One thought on “Close to Home

  1. We ALL have them! Some of us just choose to work through them as you are. Sweet list, by the way — and a great idea. We need to actively remind ourselves of the good sometimes.

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