Random Odds and Ends

My work week is almost over and I am thrilled. Tomorrow is our last day and then Spring Break starts. Hoooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should confess though that all in all my class has been pretty good. They were fantastic for the sub on Friday when Wee Man was sick. They even told me on Monday that they prayed for Wee Man in the Bible Trailer. ( are they sweet or what? now if only I can remember that moment when they’re driving me completely batty!) Tomorrow should be a fun day. We’re going to do some playground science experiments and some fun spring writing. I’m looking forward to actually enjoying being a teacher. With all the testing we do most days I don’t.

I spent today organizing when I got home. I managed to clean up and organize my scrapbook area, the bathroom drawers, and the guest room. I guess I’ve got a little spring fever. I also did some minor furniture rearranging and ran the sweeper with the help of Wee Man. ( He likes dragging the cord around and running in front of it.) I would like to be able to spend next week doing similar chores, but we’re heading down to Alabama on Monday.

Yep we’re traveling for spring break – Wee Man, hubby, our 75 pound Beastie dog, and me in a car for a 9 hour drive. Woohoo! Okay I am looking forward to getting away – but I’m not looking forward to packing or the trip there. My hubby’s aunt lives in Cullman – not anywhere near the ocean. She’s in her 70s and is like a granma to Steve. She also adores our Wee Man. So as much as I’m dreading aspects of the trip I’m also looking forward to spending time with her. We will head out around 3am on Monday and plan to come back to the Hoosier state on Wednesday. (Neither one of us are big fans of being away for too long.) Other than our trip there’s not much planned for Spring Break. Hopefully I’ll get to do some yard work, start some seeds, and get some housework done. Oh and get to play with Wee Man a BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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