We’re Off

Well the car is halfway loaded. After Wee Man is tucked in for the night we will take the rest of the things out. Then in the morning we will only have to load the cooler and ourselves. The goal is to be heading out of the house by 3 AM – yep you read that right. Apparently we’ve lost our minds. I’ll drive the first leg and hopefully we’ll be to the Indiana Kentucky state line by 7 or 8 in the morning. Then we will stop for breakfast and Steve will take over driving. He’s going to get us through Nashville – where we’ll stop for a short break – lunch at Jack’s BarBQ. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Then we’ll have two or three more hours into Alabama. Hopefully Wee Man sleeps through the first leg and then again after lunch. Our beastie dog is clearly worried. He knows something is up because the suitcase is out. He’s probably afraid he’ll have to go to the kennel – but our craziness doesn’t stop at the departure time. He’ll be riding along in the backseat with Wee Man. Hopefully he sleeps part of the journey too! We’ll be back sometime on Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll try to blog while we’re down in our hotel. Wish us luck – a 15 month old and a 70 pound beastie dog. Should make things interesting!


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