Greetings from Alabama

Hello from the South! We are down in Alabama for a few days to visit my hubby’s beloved Great Aunt Joyce. She’s probably his favorite living relative – honestly I think he would be content if some of the other relative’s weren’t relatives but he loves his Aunt Joyce – and Aunt Joyce well she adores our Wee Man. She’s always sending him cards and things in the mail when we’re up in the the cold north. So far we’ve been pleasantly surprised. Wee Man and Beastie traveled the 9 hour trip very well. Beastie Dog slept most of it and Wee Man watched the world go by and chattered about everything he saw. When WeeMan approached melt down stage we popped “Finding Nemo” into the travel dvd player and he was content watching the adventures of the orange clown fish.

We were also pleasantly surprised when we checked into our hotel. It was a DUMP last year – but it was the only hotel in town that would let Beastie Dog stay with us….. so we were stuck. However in the past year apparently the owner took the reviews on or wherever to heart and decided to make some changes. Yaaaaay! Our room is clean and doesn’t reek of smoke. We had a delish breakfast that we got to choose – no stale cereal and toast. And the staff have been extremely helpful – extra towels and writing out directions to a park with a good playground. Right now we are chilling in the room while Wee Man naps. I’ve worked on the surprise album we’re going to leave with Aunt Joyce tomorrow. (I’m making a small scrapbook about David’s trip) When Wee Man wakes from his slumber we’re off to meet Aunt Joyce for lunch and then a trip to the park while she goes to the dentist.

We’re thankful for the pleasant surprises, the time to visit with Aunt Joyce – she’s in her 80’s sp we fear there won’t be many more trips to visit her, and the beautiful 80 degree weather. Hope everyone out there in blogland is having just as pleasant a week.


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