Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Back to Work I go……….

Wee Man chasing the bubbles from his lawn mower – that’s Beastiedog in the background


Wee Man testing out his $5 table and chairs – everything is a climbing structure to him

Another shot of Wee Man with his lawnmower

That’s right spring break is over tomorrow. Back to work I go to face down a couple of giants – two big observations in two weeks. Blegh! I wish I could just do my job which is teach kids and not have to worry about adults coming in to watch me. I HATE BEING OBSERVED BY ADULTS – I always feel like they’re critiquing every little thing and I am going to come up lacking. BLEGH!

Anyways today has been a good day as far as the end of spring break goes. (although I’m still wishing it was the beginning and not the end. The bad thing about traveling during break is in a way I don’t feel like I really got break b/c I would rather have spent it relaxing at home.) Back to today – the sun is shining and Wee Man and I were able to enjoy the big backyard. Hubby got out the reel mower (last summer we switched from gas to old school and there’s no way we’re switching back) and mowed the front and back. I was able to get mulch around the trees in the back and in one small bed in front of my garden. And wee man – well wee man ran amuck. He tried out his new bubble mower he got from grandma for Easter (see pics above),threw croquet balls down the deck steps, and found every container of water and splashed in them all. All this occurred after church – which was another high point in our day – moving sermon and video from our friends Josh and Heather.

I was also a domestic diva today (most days I love being domestic – esp. when I don’t have to work and then be domestic. ) I tried out two new recipes – from my new cookbook Taste of Home Guilt Free Cooking. Yummy and somewhat healthy. We had “Smoked Sausage with Pasta” for lunch. Incredibly easy –

1/2 lb of smoked turkey sausage
2 c sliced fresh mushrooms
2 garlic cloves
1 1/2 tsp dried basil

sautee together in olive oil until mushrooms are tender.

Then toss in 4 oz of cooked spaghetti or angel hair pasta and 3 or 4 julienned, seeded roma tomatoes and heat until warm

serve with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Hubby even liked it and he’s not a fan of new things. (esp if new things are supposed to be healthier!) I also made some cranberry cheesecake bars (reduced fat) for small group tonight. Hopefully they will taste just as yummy. I’m really liking this cookbook. I’ve planned several meals for the week from here. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

The reading for tonight’s small group was really good. We’re working our way through Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel and we’re on the chapter entitled “The Freedom to be Vulnerable”. This was a make you think chapter – a lot about how we sometimes trivialize things that to our children are HUGE and can be life changing moments. This whole book has been a good read and a great jumping off point as hubby and I decide how we’re going to parent WeeMan. I even picked up a couple of things from other people’s blogs that I’m going to share with my group tonight. (Thank you glowin’girl and Transparent mama)

Well the house is clean and Wee Man is napping which means maybe mommy can get some scrapbooking done. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


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