So somehow a week later whatever Wee Man and Hubby were dealing with decided to visit me too. I’m coughing and sneezing and feeling absolutely miserable. It started yesterday afternoon – luckily after my sister and Mary’s visit. (More about that in a bit) I dosed myself with Hot and Sour soup from the Great Wall for dinner and then Nyquil when I got home. (The soup always helps loosen things up when I’m sick – more so than Chicken Noodle. Has to be something about the combo of spice and heat) The Nyquil knocked me on my bottom – which is why I hate taking the stuff. In spite of dosing myself – I still felt draggy today. We did make it to church and the dinner afterwards. Then I came home and crashed on the couch and Hubby took care of WeeMan. (I have a wonderful Hubby and today was a reminder of just how wonderful he is) I really don’t have time to be sick. This is a big week at work – one more Giant to face down on Thursday and prepping for ISTEP next week.

Speaking of Giants I managed to fight a good fight on Wednesday and my lesson went better than expected. Now I’m taking a break from putting together my lesson plan to submit by tomorrow at 4 for the big dance. (For those of you just joining me – I have to teach a lesson for a national conference on Thursday – which yes is a big honor… but I hate teaching in front of adults – I have a not good enough complex – I guess) Oh well, I know like David I’ll be praying on Thursday morning for God to help me conquer this giant too.

Saturday my sister and her little girl came up to visit. We don’t get to spend time together often enough. Usually we only see each other at family gatherings b/c she’s two and a half hours away. We didn’t tell mom she was coming to visit b/c we knew mom would want to tag along and we were trying to work on Mother’s Day. We took the babies to a friend and had her take some pics of the two of them and the four of us. Unfortunately neither baby wanted to cooperate, so I hope she was able to get something good for us. She’s extremely talented so I know if there was something there to work with – she’ll do it.

Well my lesson plan is calling and I’m procrastinating. I’ll check in with you all later in the week.


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