Update on the Big Show and my Weekend

Well, I survived the battle. I bet you were all wondering since I didn’t make it back on here to update. My observation went a lot better than I expected that it possibly could. The kids were well behaved and my lesson worked. I think that some of the people watching were impressed. I even had one of the coordinators of the conference in my room observing. That was a complete surprise. But I survived and realized I could do it. Am I going to be volunteering for things like this in the near future? No way – but if I ever have to again it won’t be so bad.

This has been a pretty eventful weekend in our house.

Friday night was our monthly date night. Heather came to play with Wee Man – which made both of them happy. Hubby and I ventured out to see “Date Night” – funny movie – but definitely had a little language – also hit a little close to home in it’s serious moments. (It’s about a married couple who get stuck in a rut – sometimes I think we venture awful close to the rut state, which is why I’m glad we do once a month date night) After the movie we went to a new restaraunt in town The Rusty Dog Pub. It was delish – I even got to have an adult beverage – a lemon drop martini. It felt wonderful to be out with hubby – both of us dressed up and we got to talk about stuff other than Wee Man and the house – although Wee Man was still part of the conversation at times.

Yesterday was the South Whitley townwide garage sales. The day dawned overcast, but my friends and I loaded up the kids and still braved it. Wee Man was excellent. He loved being pulled in the wagon and only threw one fit. Not bad for a 16 month old for a whole morning. The fit was over a ride on toy – which he got, but wanted to be able to ride right then and there. I found some good bargains – although not as much as I had hoped. I wanted to find some things for the house to refresh the place, but didn’t have any luck there. I got a brand new stillin the packaging Cricut cartridge, some scrapbook paper, two shirts for me, some books for Wee Man, a pumpkin costume for Wee Man for Halloween, a tonka ride one toy (not a battery powered one), a dress for my niece, and a little jewelry box for her too. Roanoke town wide sale is in two weeks, so maybe I’ll have better luck there.

Well it’s time for church – hope you all have a good Sunday.


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