Feeling like a new person – almost

Thanks for all your kind words. Yesterday was ROUGH! I haven’t had cramps that bad in I don’t remember how long. I finally gave in and called one of my best friends and go to girls – she’s also an RN and has been through the infertility circus several times – so she always has answers for me. I pretty much asked her how I knew if I was having cramps or dying – okay that might have been a slight exagerration – but I was pretty concerned that something inside was going bad in a serious way – I have cysts – so I thought maybe a cyst had ruptured. She gracefully answered my questions, provided much needed sympathy, and reminded me that since I had done follistem this month – there was a good possibility that I had simply overstimulated. Hmmm – okay I was definitely relieved to know I wasn’t dying – and I didn’t have to call the doctor b/c then I would have had to confess to him that I had had one cartridge of follistem left – and that it expired this month and I had all my dosages from before – so I might have – okay I did self medicate in the hopes of ovulating this month. (In my defense – that’s a pretty pricey medicine and I did use the low dosage that I had done in the first round with the RE so I was reasonably sure I would be okay.) Of course some would consider the monster cramps righteous payback for selfmedicating. That was my last chance before going back to the RE and I felt like I had to take it even if it didn’t work.

Let’s see other news for the week – my class is taking ISTEP this week. I really thought based on their classwork and their performance on other tests we had a chance of passing this year…. but I’m not holding my breath after the first two days of testing. Today some of the kids finished a 25 question reading test in less than 20 minutes and they had some three and four page stories to read before answering questions. I have no idea why they couldn’t take their time and do their best. I wish I knew what their brains were thinking some times.

Now that I’m feeling better I have a list of chores around the house to get done before the weekend. The in-laws are coming through on their way back to Michigan from Florida and I want to make sure the house and the yard are looking pretty good. Hopefully we can get the yard mowed this evening and I can get some plants on Friday and start filling my pots. I’ve also got to mop the kitchen and the bathrooms, put laundry away, dust, wash the door windows (the beast and WeeMan like to leave nose prints on all the doors) and figured out what to feed them (when hubby figures out what day they will be through) I know hubby will help get things done… but he doesn’t really get why I feel like they need to be done. (must be a guy thing)

Speaking of WeeMan he’s my sunlight giver. Yesterday when I was feeling so rough – my little independent noncuddler came wondering over to my chair with his “Pout Pout Fist” book and demanded “down” . He then sat quietly in my lap while I read and then we even watched “The WonderPets” together. Isn’t it amazing how they sense when we need a cuddle? Of course this morning he was back to his old self and I had to chase him to get him to the car to go to the sitters.


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