Sunny Monday –

Last night I stewed and I fretted and worried over the whole situation with my friend – and here’s what I know I need to do. I need to let go. She makes her own choices and I can’t understand them and I don’t need to. I’m trying my best to let the hurt and confusion and worry go. The ball is in her court for when she wants to tell me what’s going on – I don’t need the stress of dealing with her can of crazy right now – and that includes the can of crazy that could get spilled if her mil decides to butt in. So I’m trying to see the sun – which is easy to do today.

The rain and drizzle have finally stopped and the sun is out. (Of course it’s Monday so I’m cooped up inside for now) I’ve got a hot date after work with my WeeMan and his sand box. Have I told you how much he loves his sandbox? He’s such a grown up little man – carefully loading his dump truck with his shovel and then dumping it back in the sandbox. (Pretty impressive for 16 mos., huh?)

It’s going to be another busy week here, but I’m hoping to get some walking in. (I splurged and bought some Skechers Shape ups this weekend. The first pair of tennies I’ve bought myself in years that haven’t come from garage sales or Goodwill) Hubby and I will hopefully be venturing out tonight with WeeMan on his trike and I have a walking date with a good friend from church on Tuesday. I’m hoping to get in walks at least 4 days this week. (Wednesday is a LONG night b/c it’s parent conferences so I won’t get home until after 8. ) Now if the weather will just cooperate.

I’m also hoping to get some scrapping done this week. I’ve got three or four pages in mind to do – and a couple of those will be two page spreads. I’ve got the pics sorted I just need to sit down and be creative.

Well lunch is wrapping up for my kiddos so I’d better go fetch them. Hope you are all having a beautiful Monday!


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