You have to be kidding me…………

Ever have one of those days that starts out decent and by the end you’re pretty sure you’re in an episode of Candid Camera or Punked b/c seriously this much stuff couldn’t go so far off course in real life could it?? Allow me to hit you with the highlights of my day – the trouble started when I got to school

1. Two phone messages from two different parents wanting to squeeze their child’s conference in tomorrow – even though they didn’t return the sign up sheet that was sent home two weeks ago – and as a result were assigned a random time on the 13th. Also wondering why their child should be expected to follow certain class rules and why they should lose recess for not doing their work and how does not doing their work bring their grades down?? (I wish I was exagerating)

2. Grade level called down to the office – b/c our wonderful governor instituted such big tax cuts – well the school system is going to be short about 2 million dollars and so there’s only going to be two sections of fourth grade next year so one of us will be moving….. even though we’re the strongest team in the building and even though if we get 4 move ins the fourth grades will have 28 kids in each room. Oh and move ins are highly likely b/c we have the low income side of town and people are always moving into the cheap apartments – at least until they forget to pay rent for so long. 28 LOW fourth graders – oh joy….. or I could be packing up my room again for the 7th time in 7 years. Hmmmmm not sure what the winning situation is in this situation

3. Fist fight in the cubbies as we’re packing up to go home and numerous small incidents from people throughout the day. Good thing I’ve got a sub on Thursday and Friday – I’m sure they will behave fantastically for the sub. I’m super thrilled to GET to go to another training. (Hmmmm did that sound sarcastic?)

4. Hubby’s cousin – married to A of the pregnancy saga asked hubby if we could spot them a few hundred dollars if they need it in a bit. See he started his own business and he’s trying to expand and do a variety of things to get face value so he took out a fourth business loan. (I’m surprised that he’s been able to borrow so much since he filed for bankruptcy just four years ago. ) When hubby expressed that he just didn’t know if we could spare that kind of money – cousin said “But we’re family and that’s what family does” Hmmmmm – so let me get this straight – family means one person – in this case hubby – gives and gives and gives and gives and bails you out of one mess after another year after year – even if family is trying to pinch pennies and save so that they can try to have another baby or adopt – oh that’s right family means you don’t have to listen or pay attention to what the other person is telling you b/c you are so wrapped up in your life and your dreams and your mess that you don’t have to hear your cousin try to tell you that very news just a couple of nights ago – so if I understad the definition of family according to hubby’s cousin. Family means you give me what I need and I’ll continue to be a selfish jerk and never even give you the respect of listening to you b/c I’m more important. I told hubby to let me talk to cousin if he has any more to say or ask about borrowing money. Can you disown some in -laws or does it have to be all or nothing?

On the bright side of the day – WeeMan and I played trucks in his sandbox and we had fried chicken for dinner and I’m still able to see the humor and the irony in some of the events of the day and hey tomorrow is another day!


2 thoughts on “You have to be kidding me…………

  1. Ooooh, I can so relate with #4. Ugh. We loaned my BIL a VERY large sum of money so that he could go to some stupid PGA golf school (I told hubby I didn't feel comfortable loaning him the money, but Hubby never would have started his very successful business had his uncle not taken a chance on him, but I digress) my BIL is a mess – now lives at home with his parents, won't go get a job because he's "depressed" and still owes us a LOT of money. Annnd, he's like 28 or something ridiculous?! Plenty old to get his hind end in gear. It is so so so frustrating. Sad thing is, ALL of my hubby's 3 brothers (brothers!!!!) have done him wrong in the finance department. All of 'em. Makes you just want to slap 'em upside the head. :sigh: So, I feel your pain. Praise the Lord each day is new!

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