Tomorrow my baby brother will graduate from Trine University here in the Hoosier state. It’s so hard to believe he’s all grown up now. He grew up well too. He is a strong Christian man who stands firm in his belief but knows how to show love and compassion at the same time. (so much like our dad) He will walk down the aisle tomorrow with cords for his degree in chemical engineering (which is certainly no cakewalk – esp to finish in four years) and cords for graduating with honors. He began the honors program as a freshman with about 2 dozen other freshman and at the end of the day there are three of them left. The other’s couldn’t take it to completion – there was too much extra work on top of their coursework in their major – but Ryan persevered.
Tomorrow will be a happy sad day for all of us. Happy because we are so proud of the little boy who loved taking things apart – he was frequently in trouble for dismantling one thing or another to see how it worked. Sad because our dad will not be there in physical form – although he will be there in spirit and in love and I truly believe he will be watching from Heaven. He would be so proud of Ryan for sticking it out. Last year after dad passed away it was rough. We were very afraid Ryan would drop out because he felt like he should stay home and take care of mom. We were also afraid he’d give up because he was hurting so from the unexpected loss. But he was blessed to be surrounded with a strong Christian family at school and they all came around him and helped him get through.
When I look at WeeMan and start to ache because my dad is not here to influence him, I am reminded that his influence lives on in Ryan. That Ryan will take him camping and that Ryan and Steve will both be strong examples of Godly men for my WeeMan to follow.
Way to go Baby Brother!! We’re very proud of you!

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