A letter for Mother’s Day

WeeMan and Uncle Ryan yesterday

WeeMan at his 1 year birthday party

WeeMan in the leaves in October

WeeMan wore out after his dedication May 17,2009

WeeMan at 1 day old

Dear WeeMan,
Today on Mother’s Day I decided to write you a letter to tell you how much I love being your mommy. You are our miracle. We waited so long to have a little baby and then God gave us you. We wouldn’t trade any of the time we spent waiting or the doctor’s we had to see because all of that time prepared us to know just how precious you are.
You are my sunshine. Even when mommy has had a rough day at school, I pick you up at the sitter and the way your smile lights up your face and your hands reach for me – erases every bad thing that happened that day. Even when you run from me because you want to stay and play with Lily – your giggles and squeals make mommy smile and laugh.
Sometimes when mommy is busy or tired, I find renewed strength and energy just by sitting down to play with you and your cars or in the sandbox together. Dancing with you reminds mommy to lighten up and laugh – to enjoy life and not worry so much. The joy you find in everything helps mommy remember to look for joy in life.
The best part of mommy’s day is right before your bed time when you bring your bottle and your book and you want to snuggle up in the chair with mommy and read. I could read “The Pout Pout Fish” 100 times a day – just to hear your giggle and see your smile.
You are my miracle, my sunshine, my laugh giver, my heart, my snuggle bug, my little monkey, my precious, independent WeeMan. God has entrusted me with one of the greatest honors and blessings in the world…. being a mother – and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. (Even when you’re throwing a tantrum or making a stinky in the tubby!) I love you WeeMan.
Love, Mommy


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