Where have I been……….

Hmmm – it’s been several days since I found time / made time to sit down and blog. Not much going on here – pretty much the same old thing. I am working on wrapping up the school year – only 8 days left. Lots to pack up and finish for the year. This is the time where things get hectic as we scramble to get end of the year testing done and get our rooms put away for summer cleaning.

WeeMan is ALL better. He’s back to running amuck – unfortunately Monday and Tuesday were rainy so he was trapped inside when we got home from the sitter. Poor little guy. The sun is shining today though so we should be able to go outside and play after we get home. I’m hoping it keeps shining so that I can go walking after dinner with a friend.

The other big plans for my week are to clean up the kitchen and organize – I know enjoying spring cleaning is WEIRD – but I like the fresh perspective it gives me. I also have tomatoes and peppers sitting on the porch waiting to be put in the garden and I have dill and zinnia seeds waiting on the kitchen counter to be planted. Maybe I can get them in the ground this afternoon. The best part of the week is Saturday – Saturday is the townwide garage sales in a nearby small town. We don’t need anything specific – but I’m hoping to find some nice things.

Like I said not much exciting going on – in fact I’m pretty boring this week.


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