Mary Mary Quite Contrary…..

Last evening the sun actually remained shining, so while WeeMan roamed the backyard I was able to get my little garden planted. I love seeing the bright green plants in the thick dark soil. I love the promise of what’s to come (besides the weeds and the watering). I love the Mother Earth feeling it gives me. I love the smell of the tomato plants and the dirt combined. I love my little garden.

WeeMan would very much like to be able to dig in my garden but I worry for the survival of my little sprouts…. he’s begun picking things and doesn’t understand the difference yet. I suppose that when my plants are a little less fragile and traumatized (Our Beastie dog had about 30 seconds of unfettered running in the garden last night before I coaxed him back to the other side of the gate…. there was a squirrel and the chase was on) I will welcome my WeeMan into my garden sanctuary and begin to try to teach him the difference between weeds and plants. I’ll also have to try to convince him that tomatoes are yummy…. because right now he’s not buying it.


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