My Good Deal

When I dropped Weeman off at the sitters today, she told me about a garage sale that started today with lots of Little Tyke outdoor things and a Fire Truck toddler bed. Well I know WeeMan is only 16 months old, but he’s a climber and we’ve been worrying about the day he decides to climb out of his crib and flips himself over the top bar. (We suspect that if he was able to sleep until he wakes up it would have already happened.) So …. I convinced a coworker to cover my recess for me so I could run out to take a look. (I considered waiting until tomorrow…. but that didn’t go so well last weekend with the Thomas the Train bed) I’m super glad I went to check it out. They were asking a $100 and were firm on their price. The bed came with the mattress. There wasn’t a single scratch or crayon mark on the bed and it had all of the stickers and the light on top still works. There was also no marks on the pristine mattress. In fact it looked like it had never been slept in. So…. I paid the $100 after a few frantic phone calls to my hubby to check with him. Then I came back to school and checked online to see what kind of deal I got. On Ebay there is one at $60 with no mattress and a couple of missing stickers. There are currently 11 bids and the auction doesn’t end for 3 more days. Shipping is $20. The bed is unavailable at Toys R Us anymore – I’m not sure it’s still being made – but it was listed at $225 with no mattress. The mattress is listed at $100. So all in all I think I got a good deal. Maybe we’ll work on moving the crib out and putting the toddler bed up next weekend. We’ll see. Do you think I’m rushing him??

Edit: Well WeeMan fell in love with the fire truck bed the moment he saw it…. so in love with it we couldn’t get him out of it. So…. hubby and I decided to dismantle the crib and move the fire truck upstairs and now my little baby boy is asleep in his room in his big boy bed. Mommy kind of wants to cry A LOT!!


One thought on “My Good Deal

  1. We're going to be breaking down Olivia's crib into a toddler bed this summer, by her 2nd birthday we hope to have her out of the crib and into a twin size bed. I just cant fathom spending another $400 on a new crib for the baby. I think he'll be fine as long as you do it slowly.

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