rough day

Have you ever had a day that was going along fine and then as the end of the day approaches – BAM! You’re hit by a speeding train?? That’s kind of how yesterday was for me. It was an okay Monday until I got off work. I checked my text messages and there it was – a text from my pregnant used to be best friend. Today was her first prenatal appt and apparently she just wanted to share that there was really a baby in there and now I needed to hurry up so we could do this together again. She and her hubby pray for us everyday. Well gee – don’t you think I’d hurry up if I could. I mean we’ve been trying since May of last year. Another year of trying and hoping and wishing. Apparently we’re not trying hard enough. The other irritating thing is that Saturday I told her we wouldn’t be doing IVF until late fall – but she’s so self absorbed right now that she didn’t hear it or process it or something. Anyways as tempting as it was to text her back with some smart aleck answer – I was nice. I simply texted her that we were happy for them, but that I was also very envious and sad right now and I needed to deal with that and that we wouldn’t be doing ivf until they were due so she was on her own this time. I’m really not trying to be a witch…. but yesterday I felt a little like she was rubbing my nose in the fact that they are pregnant. (Logically I know she wasn’t- but I wasn’t feeling real logical yesterday)

Otherwise yesterday was an okay day. We had to take a meal to a family from our small group that just had a baby. (Luckily not all babies and pregnant women make me feel like I just got kicked in the stomach – just the one who is busy complaining about being pregnant and I”m pretty sure only got pregnant b/c we were trying) I made upside down pizza casserole for us and them and then we ran it over and got to see the new little guy. (Hard to believe my WeeMan was ever that small!)

Today I meet with another teacher from another building who has already done a multi age classroom. Hopefully I can get some good tips and a starting point from them. Only 5 days left! WooHOo!!


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