Another Wednesday

The year is really wrapping up to a close. We’ve spent most of the week trying to get 4-h projects done and playing review games. Really don’t want to have to spend time grading papers. Bad enough tonight I have to be online to finish my checklists for each kid. There’s about 100 items for each of the 19 kiddos in my class. It’s not difficult… just a pain. Tomorrow we’ll be cleaning up and packing up our room in the morning and then in the afternoon, we’re going to have games for the kids. Friday is field day – all day. Then we come back for one day next week. (Can we say completely stupid??) That Tuesday we have our awards ceremony in the morning and then in the afternoon we babysit basically.

On the bright side this week is almost over. I’m really looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Friday night I’m going to dinner with one of my best friends that I don’t get to see often. Then Saturday hubby and I are going to the local Renaissance Faire. (This is the first year but I’m hoping it’s good) We’re dressing up and taking WeeMan in a dragon costume. Sunday is Communion Sunday and our monthly carry in at church and then Sunday night we’re having a cook out and a backyard movie. (We bought a projector on black Friday – we’ve got to get it out and set up and figure out how to work it before Sunday.) Monday will be a family day and a rest day. I know it’s going to be busy and hectic but I’m looking forward to it. (The bright side is none of our plans include our now pregnant cousin friends – which gives me a weekend to recuperate and deal with the irritation and the hurt.

Of course having people over Sunday means that Saturday at some point we’ll have to clean the house. I’ve been working on the yard all week, but the kitchen needs to be steammopped, the laundry needs to be put away, the furniture dusted, windows washed, and the vacuum put away. I love entertaining in our house, but the prep sometimes stinks. I also have to figure out a menu. I think I want to do chicken instead of the usual hotdogs and hamburgers. Maybe veggie kabobs too. I know I’m going to make coca-cola cake and sugarcream pie for dessert. Mmmmmmm I love dessert.


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