As you can see summer has come to our Hoosier house. These are just a few of my favorite pics from the last few days. I love this time of year. I love being outside and digging in the dirt. I love the beauty that nature puts out for us all to enjoy. I love giving my sweaty WeeMan a much needed bath at the end of the night and kissing that spot on his neck that smells like baby and dirt and outside all at the same time. We’ve been playing outside every night when we get home. Last night we branched out and went to the local park that now has a play area for toddlers. As you can tell WeeMan thinks he is all that when we are there!

Here are shots of some of the goodies growing in my gardens. The first is a little tomato plant in my salsa garden. That’s right this year I’ve decided to limit myself to tomatoes and peppers. Zucchini always overruns my little plot of land and I never have enough beans ripe at the same time to make a big pot…. so I’ll be buying those things at the local farmers’ market and be completly happy with my choice. Besides that leaves lots of room for my tomatoes! The other two pictures are plants in my flower bed. I know I planted the first perinneal – but I can’t remember what it’s called – I just know it’s pretty and it’s low maintenance. I suspect the other picture is a weed who decided to come and stay. I’m sure I didn’t plant it…. but when it started growing I decided to watch and see what happened…. and I’m glad I did because it’s actually really pretty. Finally the top picture is some of the wild life who has decided to stop by for a brief visit. Isn’t it pretty and creepy all at the same time?? I think he may have gotten into a skirmish with the lawn mower but inspite of it’s shredded wings it’s still able to fly. Amazing huh? I was curious about what kind of moth it was so I looked it up… can’t remember the name, but I did learn this interesting fact. This species of moth doesn’t have the ability to eat. It lives for 7 to 10 days after emerging from it’s cocoon. Long enough to mate and lay eggs. Pretty amazing fact huh? Can you imagine such a short life? Kind of makes you appreciate what we have.

My other ponderings lately have revolved around babies. I know I know I seem to be obsessed. But I’m an optimist and a sign watcher. I’m late this month… only a couple of days right now. I have to say there’s a large part of me – that no matter how many times I’ve been crushed by disappointment before finds myself in the same place wanting so much to believe that this month may be my month. That this is my miracle. I find myself looking for signs everywhere – pretty obsessively. (In some ways I can be very ocd about things.) I won’t take a test yet. I won’t take one until this time next week. That will put me at a week late. I’m not even sure I’ll take one then. We go to the RE on Monday the 7th – so I should… but the pessimist in me whispers in my head that if I take a test I definitely won’t be….. Yes I know slightly crazy.

Anyways on to the video. I’ve posted this video b/c I heard this song twice in my fifteen minute drive to work. (The optimist in me is sure that it’s a sign that this is our month ) The realist in me knows it just may be a sign that God is there and there is hope to keep going – even if I’m just late b/c of my crazy mixed up body. Does anybody else out there look for signs – or am I alone in my craziness?


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