This is a picture of my dad in 1950 on his dad’s tractor. When we went to visit my cousins last weekend, she graciously shared some photos of my dad and his family with me. They were all old pictures that she had snagged at a family Thanksgiving dinner that I missed. Something about this photo speaks to my heart. I’ve been playing with it some on Photobucket. It’s just an old 3 by 5 photo (if it’s even that large) b/c it’s old the picture is blurry and the colors are faded, but I’m hoping I can get this image clear enough to blow up to an 8x 10. I want to hang it in my house to have that memory. I want David to grow up knowing that his grandpa grew up on a small Indiana farm – that money was tight and times were tough…. but in spite of all that they had joy. I just can’t put my finger on what it is about this photo, but it’s one of my favorite pictures of all times.

First of all for all of you who know Courtney over at http:// please say a prayer for her and Jason and their little boys today. My heart is breaking for their loss. If you are blessed enough to have children then give your little ones an extra squeeze and treasure them for all they are worth.

This has been quite a busy weekend. Saturday we went to the Ren Faire. It was okay, but not fantastic. It was TOO hot to dress up, so we will save our costumes for a trip to the Michigan Ren Fest in Holly come September. Sunday we had church and then came home to finish cleaning up for our big cook out. We had 6 families over – which sounds like a lot, but there was only one other child, besides WeeMan. WeeMan and Elli had a great time getting in and out of his little pool and playing in the sand. I’ll try to post pics later. It was fun to visit and watch the kiddos play – plus Mandy brought the most delish strawberry trifle over. Seriously going to have to steal her recipe.

Tomorrow is the last day of school and then I’ll be free for the summer – kind of sort of…. there’s still trainings- blegh!


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