First Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the first day of summer vacation – although I did have to go into school and clean my students desks and put my junk that was in stacks on my desk into a closet to be dealt with next fall. At least I got to take WeeMan with me and after two hours of “working” with mommy we treated ourselves to lunch with Mandy and Elli at McDonalds. (I know I know – shame on me!) After lunch at McD’s we had to make a quick stop at Goodwill. Monday was the 50% off sale – so I knew the shelves and bins would be restocked with all kind of goodies. As usual I was right! We escaped Goodwill with two new shirts for mommy, a jacket for the fall for WeeMan, pajama pants for WeeMan, an adorable thermal onsie for WeeMan, cute brown Nicole sandals for mommy, a book for mommy, and a hardly been played with big Caterpillar bulldozer for WeeMan’s sand pile – all for under $20. Where else could you get all that for that amount of money?

Now WeeMan is napping away, my wheat bread dough is hopefully rising in the kitchen, and the laundry is in the washing machine. Nothing else for mommy to do until I need to hang the laundry out and punch the dough down. 30 minutes to curl up with a good book or get some quiet blogging time. What more could a mommy want – except maybe a nice foot massage and a pedi?

I’ll let you all know how the bread turns out. Baking fresh bread every week is one of my summer goals. Of course I also have a stack of jeans waiting to be turned into a rag quilt for WeeMan’s new bed and a box of pictures ready to be made into a scrapbook about our family…. so we’ll see how many goals I can accomplish!


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