Summer Vacay – Day 2

So my bread didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I think the water was too hot and killed some of the yeast….. sigh. It still tasted good and my ham and cheese sandwich loaf even looked good. Never fear – I haven’t given up. I just need a better recipe.

Today has been another good day. One of the girls from my class came over this morning and watched WeeMan and Elli while Mandy and I got some scrapbooking done. We both got two pages finished – not bad, right! Then I made delish pb&j for lunch (WeeMan’s favorite) and after lunch we made a dash to the grocery store – I was missing ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Of course while we were there I checked the just reduced meat section and got some good looking pork ribs and beef rib eye steak for the freezer. Terrific timing I think.

Dinner is bubbling away on the back of the stove – tonight we’re having enchilada soup and fresh bread. WeeMan is napping and mommy is blogging. Another good afternoon!


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