What a Weekend

Well – our restful weekend didn’t end up being so restful. (Isn’t that how it usually works though? ) We spent Friday moving Ryan into his new apartment. (Definitely got quite a work out carting things up and down the stairs and trying to keep WeeMan corralled in the apartment everytime the door opened.) The highlights of that trip were the dinner at Southside Soda Shop – featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on the Food Network, (Yummy chicken sandwich and super yummy dessert. ) and the 8 quarts of strawberries I bought at a roadside produce stand and brought home and froze. (Well okay I froze 6 quarts – the other 2 quarts are going over strawberry shortcake this week. (YUMMY!)

Saturday we ventured out in the thunderstorms to Hobby Lobby in the city. I was in need of some scrapbook supplies. Firetruck paper for a page about WeeMan’s new bed and some paper for the Family scrapbook I’m going to be working on this summer. As usual I bought too much stuff but in my defense a big chunk was on clearance. By the time we got home WeeMan was not his normal chipper self. He had been battling some runny diapers and being pretty cranky off and on since Friday. But he’s getting 3 or 4 teeth in so since he didn’t have a fever we attributed it to the teeth.

But this morning he woke with a 103.7 temp. After motrin and generic tylenol, it still wasn’t going down. I called the on call doc and they said to go on into the ER. On the bright side we got right in, with no wait. The ER was pretty dead today. After about an hour the doc established that he did not have strep throat – it appears to just be his ears again. Unfortunately he’s gotten so used to his ears hurting from infections that he doesn’t even tug on them so we had no idea. (Poor little guy – that just breaks my heart) When we got home mommy spent the afternoon cuddling him and rocking him and trying to get him to drink water. (I also spent a chunk of time trying not to cry when he would look at me with those glossy eyes and say “owie owie mommy” Like he wanted me to fix it) Poor little WeeMan.

Tomorrow we’re off to Dr B to talk about IVF in the fall. We’re going to get things figured out so that we can shoot for early October – late September. Of course part of that will be trying to get my cycle normal so we have a timeline. I’m on day 40 something now – but I’m not pregnant – I checked twice. Grrrrr! My mom is coming up to stay with WeeMan since we can’t take him to the sitter tomorrow. It will be good for her – get her mind off her youngest moving away- and good for WeeMan. He will be able to stay home and not have to go out tomorrow – bad enough he has to go out Tues, Wed, and Thurs while I go to my first summer training.

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell – hope yours were better!


One thought on “What a Weekend

  1. Poor little guy! My worst fear is ear infections, and I usually always take my little guy in because he doesn't tug at his ears either. I always hear about babies that get ear infections and never show outward signs! Hope he's on the mend soon! I'll be praying about your IFV journey. Trusting and believing God with you! Strawberry shortcake sounds so good, I might just have to convince my Hubby he needs one for his birthday. 😉

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